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This site is dedicated to the pursuit of building, maintaining and flying Bearhawks.

In case you don't know what a Bearhawk is, read on. If you are interested in an airplane that is akin to an SUV for the sky, read on. If you have always been interested in flying, but you think you can't afford to buy an airplane, read on. If you love to dream big and then engage your brain and your hands to make your dreams come true, then you have come to the right place.

This website will pique your senses and entertain your brain. Our goal is to give you a thorough understanding of what a Bearhawk is, where you can see one, how you can get one and how you can dream big and own one.



Photo of Mark Goldberg's Bearhawk taken at Oshkosh 2004.




If you have interesting information that you would like to pass on to us or have a link that you think is pertinent to Bearhawks, please email us and let us know. We are building a site that will be a portal for all information related to Bearhawks. There are a bunch of good builder sites out there already and we will link to them. We want your Bearhawk experience to be complete. We want to share all our information and help each other out in order to get as many of these sky wagons airborne as possible.

We Bearhawkers are excited about our airplane and we want you to be too. If you have been looking for an airplane that can haul 4 people and their gear, go in and out of short fields with ease and cruise faster than your typical spam can, then the Bearhawk may be your ride.

Enter, at the risk of being hooked by your new addiction, Bearhawks!

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Information provided on this site is for entertainment purposes only!