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Click here to check out the completed Bearhawks.
Links to scratch builders 
The following pages contain a mountain of information in regards to building Bearhawks. 
Pat Fagan - Pat and his wife Carol built a beautiful Bearhawk
Eric Newton - Eric has an outstanding site and publishes excellent manuals for Bearhawk builders
Russ Erb - Russ publishes Bearhawk CD's that are a must for every builder
Del Rawlins - Del has an extensive site with tips on tools, pictures and useful links
Benton Holzwarth - Benton has an archive of email messages from the Yahoo newsgroups and project pictures
Craig Benbow - Craig is a Kiwi Bearhawker with a nice website
Lynn Riggs - Lynn has some cool innovations on his Bearhawk pages
Cary King - Cary is making progress and has a nice website
David Randal - David has some rib making pictures
Collin Campbell - Collin has a few pictures of his project
Dave Mabe - Dave is just getting started and has a few pictures
Chris Haley - Chris and his father are building two Bearhawks at once!
Carl Peterson - Carl and his wife Jeanne are the in the wing building process
John Rheney - John purchased Bill Johnson's partially completed Bearhawk and took it from there
Keith Salisbury - Keith has a pretty cool website and some great videos of his work.
Wayne Massey - A professional pilot with a bent toward the Bearhawk!
Pete Young - Spending those long cold Minnesota winters pounding out Bearhawk ribs!
Links to kit builders
Some of us are just getting started. There are several quick builds that have been completed, 
but none of them have their own websites. (Maybe that's why their airplane is done!)
AviPro - has pictures from 3 kit builders on their website
Georg Himmeroder - Georg is making great progress on his quickbuild
Richard Ogletree - Richard is a kit builder out of Marietta, GA
Ron Jones - The kit builders are growing!
Kelly Babin - Bearhawker in Oklahoma
Tom Walter - The guy that doesn't fit your "one size fits all" 
John Prince - Quickbuilder out of Louisiana
Google map of Bearhawkers
Map of Bearhawkers
Pictures of Bearhawkers
Bob Barrows, Bearhawk designer (on left) and Eric Newton examine the engine Bob built for Eric. (photo courtesy of www.mybearhawk.com)

Here are 3 of the Alaskan Bearhawkers, left to right Paul Minelga, Rod Smith and Dan Shilling. 

Collin Campbell stands in front of the beautiful Bearhawk he built from scratch.



From left to right is me, "Demo" Dave Kujawa, Mike "delivery man" Nellis, Mark "AviPro" Goldberg, Scott "tailwheel" Weinberg and Rob "Zippydog" Gaddy. On the ground of course doing all the "hard" work ;>0) is Budd "Tipton" Davisson.




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