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Gordon Wardstrom's C-GZSY

#357 ( c-gzsy) flew for the first time on may 24/03 with 3 take offs and landings. We are currently limiting the motor to 170 hp. during inital testing, and leaving the prop fixed at 61" pitch. Even with the reduced horsepower settings the plane is very impressive to us (and the other pilots at the local airport). So far the Land Rover v8 is doing everything we wanted and more, very smooth and quiet (our test pilot said at 125 mph, it is no noisier than a pickup at 70mph, without headsets) and the speeds are acceptable for initial testing. 3500 rpm @ 19" mp = 125 mph and 4200 rpm @24" mp = 143 mph. We are looking forward to when we can use the full 230+ hp. and the constant speed prop features. On to more testing, also included some pictures. - Ken


Right side view of Rover V-8 engine


Front view of engine

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