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Dave Robert's N125BH

On 05/14/07 Dave Roberts wrote..

The DAR came and inspected Sat. and issued the airworthiness certificate.  My son's and I put everything back together Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning thinking about taxi tests that afternoon and first flight Mon. morning.

I taxied down the strip a few times came back and checked things over and decided no use waiting. 

I eased the throttle in and let it fly off.  I don't have a lot of figures for you as I was mostly interested in flying it well enough to get back on the ground safely.  All engine instruments stayed in the green. I went up to altitude and did an approach to stall and got the buffet somewhere between 45 and 50mph with 2 notches of flap.  Next I had to come back around and make a pass down the runway for my two photographers.  Next pass was the landing.  All pretty uneventful.  The Bearhawk is really honest in takeoff and landing.

PS.  As a comparison, mine weighs 1441 with 12 qrts of oil, usable fuel drained, no back seats.  I haven't taken the time to figure out where I picked up all the extra weight yet as I am satisfied with how it turned out.  A few major things would be, extra glass, 23lbs, 8:50 tires 10lbs. steps2lbs.4oz., radio ?, alternator?, night time vfr 8lbs, mufflers 10lbs.  It all adds up.  Some other things to keep in mind, my seats are light, 9lbs each front, 19lbs back seat, jump seat 8lbs, I have 0.32 floor and no insulation, fabric interior, light paint, no aux tanks.  My bulk head behind the baggage area is fabric also 18oz..  I was hoping to stay under 1400, dry weight,I almost made it.

Photos courtesy of Dave Roberts


Here is a short video of Dave's Bearhawk streaking across the path of the camera. (10 Mb file)


On 05/14/07 Dave Roberts wrote..

These are a couple of videos DJ took the second time I flew N125BH.

In the takeoff video (5.6 Mb file), the tracks you see in the grass 90 degrees to the runway are 200 ft from the starting position.  I just barely got the throttle all the way in before we were air borne.

The landing video (8.3 Mb file), I was practicing power off landings.  It's not that great of a landing, but I'll eventually get it.  Right now the BH is a lot more airplane than I am a pilot.  But I'm working on it.  Hopefully by the time I have 40 hours on it I'll have it figured out.



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