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Pat Fagan's N232PF, AKA "Smokey Bearhawk"

N232PF took to the air today, finally. We now have 8 flying Bearhawks. Wahoo!

I made two flights for a total of 1.4 hours. First impression, what a sweet flying machine. Budd was right about the controls. The roll rate is very impressive for this type of airplane. The takeoff was a thrill, I hung on and went for the ride. My home field has a mile long runway, but only half of it is paved. I did a rolling takeoff from the end of the runway. I couldn't tell you when I got airborne, or how fast I was going when I did, but I did notice I had 1500' altitude by the end of the field.

Temperatures were all nominal. The right wing is a little heavy and the rudder trim needs some adjustment, but other than that, OH-MAN. Once again, Budd was telling the truth about the landing characteristics. I did slow flight both with and without flaps. I don't yet know how accurate these speeds are, but with no flaps I was still flying at 60K. With flaps, the airspeed was indicating 35K. The first landing, into a slight left crosswind, was a non-event. It really does land just like a Cub. I got some familiarity time in a Maule to get ready for this and the Bearhawk is 10 times easier to handle.

More to follow when I get more information, which shouldn't be long. Come on you other builders, get it done, get it in the air.

Pat Fagan #232 Pearblossom, CA

On 10/11/03, Budd Davisson wrote:
It's 9:20 Saturday night and I just got a cell phone call from Carol Fagan telling me that at the awards banquet which just ended Pat's Bearhawk was awarded best of class and GRAND CHAMPION at Copperstate.

It simply doesn't get any better than this, guys :-)



Pat's nose art (he is a former fire bomber)


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