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Collin Campbell's N370CC

On 11/18/2004, Collin wrote:

I thought I would update everyone on #370. I am almost ready to fly, really!! I am running out of things to do. Had to remake the carb intake scoop, made it a little too tight and the carb air box just slightly contacted the scoop. I am now trying to get my engine primer to stop leaking. Leaks through the valve, drips out the carb. Brand new ACS primer. Anyone had any experience with an ACS primer? My thoughts are, I should have spent the extra $100 and got
the Essex primer.

Anyway, I have weighed the aircraft and it came in at 1321 lbs. This is with 0-360 engine, constant speed prop, full electrics (Odyssey battery), full vacuum system and gyros, Com, GPS, Transponder with encoder, 4-place intercom, cargo doors, full skylite back to rear spar, front door mods with keyed locks, rear seat, inertia reel shoulder harness in front seats, Bob's interior, parking brake, 8.00-6 tires.

Basically I am waiting for the FAA to get down here and take a look at it. Then it's showtime!

Collin Campbell, #370
Bolivar, MO


On 12/7/2004, Collin wrote:

Thanks to you all for the kind words. Will try to answer all your questions with one post. The total number of hours in my project was 2680. The engine I am using is a Superior XP-360. 80" Hartzell constant speed prop. My strip is 1300 ft long. I plan to make the first flight from it, but make the first few landings at the local airport (4000' paved). Then my plan is to swap places with my Maule, which is now hangared at the airport. I will bring the Maule home to my strip for the winter, and keep the Bearhawk at the local airport. I'll have more days I can fly this way.

Grass strips are great, lots of fun, but finding good days to fly can sometimes be difficult, especially trying to keep from making ruts in the strip and mud off the plane. I have good sod on most of the strip, but have one area right in the middle where grass is kind of thin, so gets soft real easy. I'll keep you all posted as things progress, will try to get some pictures too.



On 12/9/2004, Collin wrote:

As I posted earlier, my Bearhawk was signed off to fly on the 7th. At that time I had discussed with the inspector the number of hrs that would be required for the flight test period (phase I). He gave me the answer that I had expected, 40 hrs. since I wasn't using a certified engine and propellor combination (I am using the Superior XP-360 engine). The next day, I got a phone call from the inspector saying he had been thinking this engine/prop combination through some
more. He said he was going to call Superior and if the engine is essentially the same thing as a Lycoming he could see no reason why he couldn't issue me an amended flight test period for 25 hrs! So today, I recieved a FED-EX package with with the amended paper work.I thought this was really good news.

Collin Campbell, #370 (anxious to get in the air)
Bolivar, MO

N370CC - Built by Collin Campbell (photos by Kevin on 09/10/05)


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