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Bob Furlong's N509RF

On April 1, 2004, Budd Davisson wrote:

Jim Clevenger just called and he'd just come down from the first 45 minute flight of the Furlong airplane. It was bumpy and gusty so couldn't do any worthwhile flight evaluations other than to comment that when the flaps were reflexed you actually could feel the nose come up. Not even a guess on the effect on the speed.

His opening comment was "Boring as hell. Not a single thing went wrong and it flew hands off, although the trim is sensitive as hell."

His primary comment (and remember Jim is a long time Pitts airshow pilot and warbird driver) was, "I've got to tell you that the takeoff on those 540 airplanes is flat scary. I didn't have the power even close to full open and that thing was off the ground and climbing like a rocket."

Plus, as we all know, ANR headsets are a must. He says the sound deadening helped a little but there's no way to keep straight pipes right under your feet quiet.


N509RF doing what it does best!

N509RF in static mode.

Getting ready for the big test drive.

This is going to be good!

Another angle.

Nice panel!

It's the rear shot.

Whoops, got the shadow in that one!

Another shot as we circle the plane.

OK, are we ready yet?

Sweet interior, very comfy.

Bearhawk demonstrator, getting ready to fire up!

Ah, airborne at last!

Here's what it looks like from Donna's point of view.

Check out that view! (of my head?...NOT)

Cruising over South Texas.


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