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Completed / Flown Bearhawks

Wil Graff's N5456C

On Sat, 7 July 2001, Wil Graff wrote:

#365 is flying. FAA inspection and first flight was on July 6th. With the 0-470 and a constant speed prop, it climbs like a rocket. I have to fly off another 22 hrs., plan on flying to OSH. There are gear and strut fairings to finish. I'm still on cloud nine. Wil Graff

On Sun, 8 July 2001, Wil Graff wrote:

Lots of questions and not mush time. I'll list a few of the specs this time and try to cover more next time. I used a C/182 O-470-R engine and mount (not from my 182, it was sold and now in AK). The mount was cut down to fit and reinforced at the main tube clusters. The engine is under 500 lbs. Wt of ship 1392 with battery 15 in. aft of baggage bulkhead. No electric hookup or starter yet. Exhaust system made by Aircraft Exhaust Jumping Branch WV. Here's one photo Wil

Photos courtesy of Dave Winger

More pictures taken at Oshkosh 2007


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