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Robbie Staton's N56219

On 02/26/2006, Budd Davisson wrote:

The first airplane, which didn't have the sheet metal kits available for it took 1400 hours. The second airplane, 509, took 1000 hours. Robbie Staton, who built the attached airplane, did his in 850 and swears he could do another in 650, but he's hardly typical, as his hobby is rebuilding wrecked Super Cubs and has a near production line. These are real times that have been carefully logged.

Other guys have gone two thousand and more with fancy mods, etc.

We're telling people 1200 for the typical guy, 1000-1100 for someone experienced. This assumes average paint and basic avionics and interior.


N56219 - Built by Robbie Staton (photos taken at Oshkosh 2006)


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