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John Sample's N719JS

On June 7, 2008, John Sample wrote:

I was later than Eric.  At about 6:30 Arizona time today Bearhawk (QB50) N719JS lifted off the runway at Eagle Roost Airpark.  I was able to only fly for about 30 minutes as the X wind started blowing like it has been here in the desert.  All parameters were good for the short time in the air.  

I received my airworthiness inspection on 6-5-2008.  All went well with the DAR, Bill Pratt retired FAA from PHX.

Hope to get back in the air tonight if the wind dies down.

John Sample

On June 8, 2008, John Sample wrote:

Good morning,

 I tried to send this note to the group yesterday but for some reason our server won't send the message.  Have to call them tomorrow and then it should go.   

I flew again this morning for 2 hrs. and all is well.  It flys hands off for the straight and level.  I'm surprised how much the trim has to be used and how sensitive it is.  My right arm sure will get stronger with the flap lever.

Thanks for all the help.

John Sample

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