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The construction log page is taking a different slant. We don't have a Bearhawk kit any longer because it was going to be several years before I was able to even start on it. Therefore, here are some pictures that show the wings under construction and what your kit will look like when it arrives.  The folks at AviPro are producing a very fine kit and one of these days we will again trade some of our dollars for time and let them do the hard stuff.

Photo courtesy of AviPro








This is the jig that AviPro uses to weld the fuselage's nice and straight.

Photo courtesy of AviPro








This is how your kit will look when it is delivered.


Mike, the AviPro delivery man (playing Santa Claus today) unwrapping the Christmas present. Remember this is the bare fuselage you are looking at, not the complete AviPro quickbuild kit. There is still a lot of welding to do on this frame, but the jigging is all done.


The wings, safely crated.


On top of the wings are packed the ailerons and the flaps.


You can see that the wings are firmly attached to their crates.


Very nice and secure...great job of packing for the long haul.


The completed wing...looks great!


Completed main fuel tanks.


Auxiliary fuel tanks.


Landing gear, welded up, primed and painted.


Landing gear struts.


The firewall/boot cowl package. 21 pieces in all.


Wing strut package...very nicely done!


A better look at the struts.


Wing tips...they weigh in at about 4.5 pounds apiece.


Disclaimer! This website is not to be used as a guide for building your own airplane, as it is for your entertainment purposes only. The construction techniques displayed on this website are strictly our way of doing things and are in no way to be construed as the official way of building a Bearhawk. This website is not approved by anybody nor is is it in any way affiliated with AviPro Aircraft, Ltd. Please be sure that your construction progress is inspected by FAA personnel or competent EAA tech counselors at various stages of construction.

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