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You've heard the rumors, now see the pictures. The 2 seat Bearhawk Patrol is Bob Barrows' latest design; a 2 seat aircraft similar to the 4 place Bearhawk, but designed for even better short/rough field capability. Due to the positive response to the aircraft, Bob is now selling plans for the Patrol. For more information, or to check out the official Bearhawk Patrol Website.


The first picture was provided by Tim Anderson, The second was taken by Bill Fitzgerald, while the remainder are courtesy of Tom Rawlins. Most of these pictures were taken prior to the aircraft's first flight; thus it is in the final stages of completion and missing a number of fairings which are present on the finished aircraft. The majority of them are extremely large resolution so they may take some time to load depending on your connection, enjoy.


Landing roll at Barrows Airfield. At this point, the airplane had about 27 hours on it.
Taxiing back to the hangar.
Left side view of the aircraft in Bob's hangar.
View from the left front.
Front view.
Right front.
Empennage view, showing the airfoil shaped tail surfaces and tubular tail spring. Also visible in this picture is the skylight and the flaps extending all the way to the wing root, unlike on the 4 seat Bearhawk.





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