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Completed / Flown Bearhawks

Joe Araldi's Super, er, a, Bearhawk - and what a nice one!
Scott Seher launches his Idaho based Bearhawk
Mike Creek takes the right steps to get his bird in the air
Another Bearhawk flies! David Bice gives us a nice first flight description
Eric Newton sets a speed record in finishing his scratchbuild
John Sample gives us a look at another flying quickbuild
Russ Erb, after 12 years of diligent building, takes off!
Add another to the list, Melvin Kinikin of Marbleton, WY
Tim Weaver completes the latest scratchbuilt Bearhawk
Tom Oatman and his beautiful scratchbuilt Bearhawk
The Sorensen Crew goes military with Delta 3 of the Salt Lake Crew
Cal Brubaker and Delta 2 of the Salt Lake Crew
Dave Roberts shows us what flying is all about in Montana!
Jim Clevenger's latest creation to grace our pages.
Peter Stevens has the 1st plane to be completed in the Salt Lake City Delta squadron
Robbie Staton, the third quickbuild kit to fly has put together his kit in a record time of 850 hours!
Jan Gutwein first flew his airplane on 04/09/05. He wasted no time putting his kit together and what a show piece it is.
Collin Campbell has built an absolutely beautiful airplane from scratch.
George Jensen made it to Kitplanes with his new Bearhawk!
Here is another plans-built Bearhawk based in Florida.
This kit-built Bearhawk is powered by a Barrows built O-540, and is equipped with wheel pants, a full IFR panel, and reflexable flaps.
Although we didn't find out about it until Feb '04, Jack Piggott has been flying his O-540 powered Bearhawk since September of 2003. Hopefully there will be pictures here soon.
Jim Hutson's IO-540 powered Bearhawk is the second to fly in Australia.
Steve Thompson's Jacksonville, FL based Bearhawk is powered by an IO-360 and first flew on 11/23/03.
Mark Goldberg's Bearhawk is the first Avipro kit to fly. Congratulations to Mark and the entire Avipro operation for this outstanding achievement.
Powered by an aluminum Rover V-8, Gordon Wardstrom's plane became the first Canadian, and second auto-powered Bearhawk to fly on May 24, 2003.
Longtime Bearhawk e-mail list member Pat Fagan flew his Bearhawk on 1/26/03. It is powered by a Bob Barrows built O-540 Lycoming engine producing 245 horsepower. --10/11/03-- News Flash!! Pat's airplane was awarded best of class and overall GRAND CHAMPION at the 2003 Copperstate Fly-In.
Not much is known about Ed Stout's N285ES, except that it is based out of Corvallis, Oregon, and is powered by a Continental IO-520 of 300hp.
Queensland, Australia based Merv Hargraves flew his Bearhawk on November 2, 2001.
Tom Yeoman's (plans #075) much anticipated first flight took place on June 27, 2002. His Ford V-6 powered ship was the first automotive engine outfitted Bearhawk to fly, although it is now flying with a Bob Barrows built O-360.
Wil Graff (plans #365) set what must be a speed record for building a 4 place aircraft from plans, by finishing his O-470 powered Bearhawk in approximately 3 years.
Bob Marek (plans #019) is the proud builder of this O-360 powered Bearhawk, the first customer built example to fly.
The second Bearhawk to fly was designer Bob Barrows' second prototype, AKA Proto II. It is powered by a fire-breathing Lycoming O-540 with a composite-bladed constant speed prop. It has a few more amenities than the original, including a battery, starter, and a huge set of cargo doors.
This is Bob Barrows' original prototype aircraft, powered by a Lycoming O-360 with a constant speed prop. It is not equipped with an electrical system, or frills of any sort for that matter.
This airplane is the only flying Patrol, another Bob Barrows designed and built airplane.

Please note there is no way to guarantee whether this list is complete, since there is no requirement for a builder to report his/her first flight to anybody. The above entries consist of all Bearhawks which are known to the email list to have flown. An email posted to the list by a member who claims to have firsthand knowledge of the first flight of a Bearhawk and its registration number is considered sufficient to include that plane on the list. If you know of any additional flown Bearhawks, please don't hesitate to let me know by sending email to us, or better yet, post the details to the Bearhawk email list.


Hi-Resolution Bearhawk Pictures (photos courtesy of Airbum)

Use as desktop wallpaper for your computer

299 Kb

330 Kb

747 Kb

1454 Kb

296 Kb

222 Kb

3120 Kb


AviPro quick-build fuselage


AviPro quick-build fuselage partially completed (photos courtesy of Dave Wigner)


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